Thailand Immigration


There are a number of issues when it comes to immigration into Thailand which is well covered by the website Thai Immigration. There are a number of visa options available when living or working in Thailand outside of a visa on arrival. We will break down the basics for you with regards to which visa is needed for what. We have also listed the issues such as bringing money to Thailand when living in Thailand.

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Foreign Exchange – Persons


If you are planing on living in Thailand or doing business then you need to understand the exchange control laws. All foreign transactions fall under the Exchange Control Act which governs all foreign exchange transactions. During the course of 1990 foreign exchange controls have been relaxed by the Bank of Thailand to ensure that investment in Thai property does not wain. If you are today buying property in Thailand then you will see that you still need to bring the money in from outside of Thailand and that the local bank has to show that the money has come from abroad.

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